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Public Information Committee Resources

Committee Charter

The Public Information Committee is charged with the responsibility to develop a plan to communicate with the citizens of Santa Barbara County about the role and mission of VOAD.

The purpose of this plan will be to address the following objectives:

  • To ensure that the citizens of Santa Barbara County are aware of the role that VOAD Member Organizations play in responding to a disaster in our county.
  • To ensure that a Public Information process is in place, to disseminate key public safety and recovery resource information to media outlets and the community at large during a disaster event.
  • To develop a cadre of volunteers who are in place and are willing to serve in the role of VOAD Emergency Operations Center Liaison during a disaster event.
  • To develop an annual plan to recruit additional VOAD Member Organizations.
  • To educate the general public about opportunities to contribute funds and goods to VOAD and/or Disaster Related Fund Raising campaigns in partnership with the local foundation and philanthropic community.

Public Information Kiosk Project

This project addresses three primary objectives: 
  • Develop a financially self-sustaining system for distributing emergency information to the public through kiosks located throughout the Operational Area.
  • Promote VOAD throughout the Operational Area and thereby increase VOAD membership among nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies.
  • Generate ongoing corporate sponsorship for VOAD activities in the Operational Area.
For more information, see the Letter of Inquiry submitted to the Orfalea Fund in December 2011.

Public Information Messages

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