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SBC VOAD Operational Structure

The operations of Santa Barbara County VOAD are organized along the lines of the Standard Emergency Management System (SEMS), the standard operational model used to coordinate local and statewide emergency responses in California. 

Three key roles in this model are:

Incident Coordination Team
The Executive Committee Chair is responsible for coordinating member's activities in order to optimize service delivery in the operational area. The Chair may delegates operational responsibilities to the VOAD Coordinator, who will manage communications through the:
    • VOAD EOC Liaison with the Emergency Operations Center.
    • VOAD PIO (Public Information Officer) with the Joint Information Center.
    •  Section Coordinators with VOAD member organizations. 
Section Coordinators
All communications between the Incident Coordination Team and VOAD member organizations are through four Section Coordinators, who are responsible for:
  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Information & Planning
  • Finance & Administration
Activity Groups
Every VOAD member belongs to an Activity Group. (Most organizations belong to just one Activity Group. A few, such as the Red Cross, may belong to more than one group.) Each Activity Group has an Activity Group Coordinator, who is responsible for managing communications between the Section Chief and the members of the group.
This structure ensures clear lines and limited span of communications, thereby making it scalable to virtually any size operation.
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