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Ensuring Operational Survival after a Disaster 
Continuity of Operations Planning for Nonprofits & Small Businesses

Protect your clients • your employees • your organization

Preparing makes good
business sense

Good operations continuity plans will keep your organization up and running through interruptions of any kind: power failures, IT crashes, natural disasters, supply chain problems, and more.

They will protect your clients and help support employees, the community, the local economy, and even the country.

Continuity of operations planning takes a comprehensive approach to make sure you can continue serving your clients not only after a natural calamity, but also after smaller disruptions that businesses face from time to time.

Get it done

  • Invest a few hours per week over several months, and you’ll have your plan.
  • Attend two meetings, two weeks apart.
  • Follow planning templates with input from staff after each meeting.
  • Receive expert consultation as needed to answer questions and resolve problems.

That’s it—your plan is done!

"Every business should
have a plan. Get ready now."
  —United States Department of Homeland Security

Did you know? . . .

  • 68% of businesses never reopen after losing their computer.
  • 75% of businesses without business continuity plans fail within three years of a disaster.
  • Since 1900 there have been over 60 disasters in Santa Barbara County, including earthquakes, wildfires, storms, floods, landslides, and hazardous material spills.
  • California's next "big one" might be a mega-storm that would damage 1 out of every 4 homes in the state.

It's easy to get started 

In these workshops, you will receive guidance from experts and will be able to consult with other participants facing similar issues.

Who should attend

Every VOAD member organization should have current continuity of operations plans to ensure they will be able to continue serving clients after a disaster.

Other nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies area are also warmly welcome to attend.

We recommend that each organization send at least one manager or staff person with planning responsibilities. Sending more than one person will help ensure that the planning process is more robust and comprehensive.

Interested? Let us know!

We will schedule future sessions in response to demand. We can also help you connect with other organizations who are farther along in the process who can answer questions provide guidance. For more information: 

  • Email
  • Call (805) 963-0595 Ext 107

Online Resources

Click here to download planning worksheets and other resources. 

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