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The Benefits of Joining Santa Barbara County VOAD

Santa Barbara County VOAD fosters communication and collaboration among organizations throughout the county to increase disaster preparedness and to improve services to people affected by disasters. 

Who We Are

Most of our members are nonprofit organizations that provide services to individuals and families in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or during the long-term recovery process that many disaster victims must go through to make their lives whole again. Our members also include government agencies and for-profit companies that help community members prepare for, respond to, or recover from disasters.

What We Do

We conduct quarterly meetings focused on improving our members' disaster resilience, and we sponsor additional training programs to develop critical capabilities. 

Upcoming Events

Events in 2016 for our members include:

  • All Member Meeting: Year End Membership Appreciation Dinner- December 15, 2016, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at the American Red Cross, 2707 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. Help us recognize past chairs and participate in our look ahead for the coming year.   

Resources for Members

In addition to sponsoring meetings and workshops, we provide the following resources to our members:

  • Disaster Resource Directory
    We maintain a directory of the resources and services that our members anticipate providing to the community after a disaster. This tool helps the EOC to coordinate effective and efficient delivery of disaster-related services.
  • Disaster Procedures
    Our members work together to develop standard operating procedures in different functional areas such as feeding, in-kind donations, and long-term recovery
  • Emergency Volunteer Center
    In past disasters, hundreds of previously unaffiliated and often untrained volunteers have contacted relief agencies and government agencies wanting to help. To free individual agencies from the burden of managing this outpouring of goodwill, we will open an Emergency Volunteer Center where volunteers can go to find out about volunteer opportunities, register, and be assigned to organizations that can use their help.

How to Join

To become a member, click Join in the sidebar menu. 

If you are already a member, click Member-Only in the sidebar menu.

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