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Transportation and Sheltering Needs

  • May 11, 2011 4:00 PM
    Message # 589282

    Again, thanks to Roy Dugger for identifying the following needs:

    • People with wheel chairs, cpap, ventilators, nebulizers need electricity.  Can we research how to get DC/AC converters into accessible busses and ambulances?
    • Wheelchair accessible cots are being acquired...maybe not enough.  Person lifts need to be acquired.
    • In addition to bullhorns/portable PA for shelters, need strobe light for hard of hearing/ with limited sight as well.
    • Public Health working on standard color code for wrist bands for people from primary care facilities.
    • People with cognitive disabilities and non-English literate may have a hard time with written info.  Will need graphic support as well. We need to work with ILRC and Braille institute to provide guidance on standard adaptive strategies/technologies so that we can try to meet those needs (ID dots, spelling boards, canes, etc.)
    • Funding: I personally don't think nonprofits should have to shoulder the burden of these expenses alone.  Partnership with agencies for grants and budgeting needs to occur.
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